filling the well

Making art depends upon noticing things — things about yourself, your methods, your subject matter. Sooner or later, for instance, every visual artist notices the relationship of the line to the picture’s edge. Before that moment the relationship does not exist; afterwards it’s impossible to imagine it not existing. And from that moment on every new line talks back and forth with the picture’s edge. People who have not yet made this small leap do not see the same picture as those who have — in fact, conceptually speaking, they do not even live in the same world.” 
― David Bayles, Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking

black journal

filling the well

collage and reading

I have been slow sipping art & fear. I love creating, the creative process and all that jazz. however, sometimes I get frustrated with myself and the way things are going. I think we all do. we have all these expectations. so I have been filling my well this week. lots of collage. i just grabbed what was near, old postcards, art cards, old photos, drawings, magazines, collage sheets from other artist. so there is a little of everything on these pages. this is what I like to create for myself. these are unsaleable because they feature others work but sometimes we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. some days or seasons I just want to study, gather and glue down what makes me happy.

also, this issue of goop was beautiful. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with this magazine…the things are ridiculously expensive and some of the the info I do side-eye but I guess we do that everywhere…so no use picking on goop.

anyways, I have a thing for pretty magazines with “good” paper. maybe I will post my fall favorites. TBH I usually buy a title and use it for ages…because I am either using it for references/sketch practice or gluebook/collage.

my favorite resources for these pages

click magazine (various)

sun magazine (various)

Bella grace (Alisha sommers interview)

littleravenink collage sheets

ekwetzel ( cat image)

Nancy hannans art

sticker packs from happy planner and creative devotion

the Frida image is from card and the mushrooms from a postcards.

then others from here there and everywhere…

I don’t have the exact reference for everything because I am human and these are just personal and I am only a nerd about because I am a librarian and it pains me to to properly mis attribute something…or rather I don’t want someone to think I am the originator of something that I am not…

anyways, this my art practice lately. I have just not had the heart to paint much and have been spending lots of time with the tots. they are so crazy and sweet, funny and tiring.

I just want to honor this season for what it is…and stock up on the glue sticks, of course. my favorite lately is Elmer’s extreme

P.s. I made a quinoa broth bowl for lunch the other day. so yummy…I use this recipe as the base but I had to make mine soy free…which is always a bit tricky.

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