What do i know


What do i know for sure—

I am here in my little studio nook.

We just watched church on the Telly.

I stopped watching Broadchurch. It was well-done but too sad for these times.

I have need more tactile experiences these days. Lots of writing and drawing. Cutting and pasting.

I am back on the coffee train. My brain needs it to function in the afternoons. I am using a buzz-free decaf…as long as i stay faithful to it…things should be fine…

We ordered out this week. I was just so tired of cooking. Even though i like cooking. Thinking about what to cook and when to cook is exhausting…even with a meal plan.

Sunshine is a great balm but nice temperatures are not too shabby, either.

Music. I love it again. As long as it is cozy and slow for the day to day. A little faster for workouts.

Daily Intentional movement is a game changer for me.

If i am super honest my fitness watch has changed my life. I got it second hand from the hubby…who got it from the seconds shelf at Best Buy…and putting it on daily has truly been the best thing for my mind and body.

I keep cleaning the same things.

And ignoring the two junky jars in the kitchen. Making lots of little decisions right now is not what i want to do.

I like taking photos of my cat.

Audiobooks are amazing. I have “read” so many books with them this year. I like them because i can do something else like doodle or stitch with my hands and it become an even more calming experience.

My feelings and emotions during this time have been complicated.

My expectations of myself have been too high. Once i lowered them to a more human scale…life felt a whole lot more spacious.

Our garden is full of Kentucky runner beans.

I miss Appalachia. I miss things and people that no longer exist in the same form.

It’s coming up on my grandma’s death anniversary soon. Three years. It still hurts. I think i want to cook collard greens and cornbread in her honor. Maybe put on some old church songs and tell my kids more stories about her.

Our daughter turn three two weeks after my grandma’s homegoing anniversary…I remember when the doctor held her up to the light and i saw her with a full head of the coal black hair and her voice a persistent and full sound…that my heart lived on and so did my grandma’s.

I can start writing about anything but always comes back to my origins.

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