i like

i like when i get up early enough to see the light become dappled and dancing on the left wall by the bookcases. i like when i get early enough to walk around for 10 or 15 minutes without dripping in sweat. i like when i hear the cicadas close by but not too close. i like when i find this little package of mini plums at the grocery. and i slowly gobble them down three by three until there is nothing but pits and memories. i like when i see my older work and feel so proud because i really do like it. i like when i sit on the front stoop with a fresh cup of matcha and watch the clouds in the sky tell their tales. i like that my squash plant is bouncing back and that i am learning how to type again. i like silence and kids underfoot. i like the stories i share late night with my husband about our kids and all the funny and wild things they do. i like the at night when i turn off the light in the corner and go upstairs to my sleepy little family.