change it all

i am writing this on a new to me laptop. i haven’t seriously worked on a laptop since the dinasour age when everyone had a personal laptop(and by everyone i am referring to college students) and was using blackboard to upload out assignments.

oh wait, there was that brief and annoying interlude when i had a surface (inherited from my hubby). it almost feels like a learning curve. i mean typing is familiar but the whole movements of the mouse and cursor feel and unpredictable.

in all honesty, maybe i need to slow down. i am still figuring out how this work flow works because my photos are on an apple device and this is not an apple device.

it feels like such a small thing but all the coordination also feels bothersome. this is of no importance to anyone else in the world…i am not even sure if i think it’s that important. i just know it feels different and new. maybe even a bit free. to step out of a system and allow myself to experience inconvenience feels silly but it also feels human. i like feeling human, most days.