the thing

It’s that time of year. you know when everyone is gathering thoughts and ambitions for the new year. it can be exciting or tiring or something in between for most of us to have a pact summary of our last year and an ambitious new things to be doing into the new year. however, if that feels like something you want to partake in ( even a bit) go for it. I feel a bit all over the place, if I am honest.

Personally, I love watching planner/journal videos around this time of year and seeing all the exciting things people are doing in their notebook journey. I love the excitement of trying new things and I can see that happening on the notebook front ( for me) but not the planner. currently, I have found a planner system that works for me and I don’t see any reason to change it…yet.

Honestly, my thoughts around planners and journals is they are only any good if you use them. it can be perfect and make sense but if your brain is resistance or uninterested you have to either entice it (your brain) to be or accept that this thing is not your thing.

That is where I am…I want to use things that feel good to my life and my little ambitions (or lack there of…but I think I probably have a few tbh). so while . it’s tempting to try all the things ( and do…if that feels goods) it is okay to keep continue with what works. yes, you will miss out on the thing but you might just find out you are just fine, anyways.