I mentioned the photo dilemma to my resident computer expert and it is syncing issue that I don’t have the brain space to care about. that sounds silly but it’s true.

I feel silly and ambivalent about technology. I can watch YouTube for ages and then I can barely spare a minute to look at the screen.

recently, my nine year old made fun of me for not being on Facebook…which was meh but I kindly explained I use some social media sites (when I want to) but not that one.

I don’t have a harsh judgment against social media. I feel like I use to feel like it was all or nothing but now I feel like it’s what you make it. my goals when I post are just to share and to see what others are up to (in a non overwhelming way).

the truth is that it gets overwhelming pretty quick (for me) because I mean keeping up with just this little household can be a lot…imagine keeping up with hundreds of others…is that even possible?

I don’t know but I do know that how you spend your life is how you spend your time…that is not damning but an invitation for each of us to discern what matters for us in any given season of life. to ask sincerely what do I want to give my efforts to? and to understand that even if we don’t choose we are choosing how to spend our time? that is powerful to remember and to be soft about because some seasons we are just doing the best we can.

right now, for me I am paying attention to school germs and mini dramas that only kids can give…and enjoying what is as best I can. I have been taking daily pictures of my garden and doing some art practice things and cooking boatloads. it is simple and joyful. I take lots of pictures that don’t sync (for me to upload) and I am sure there is a life lesson there.