how you tell it

the birds are out today. so are the squirrels. I had a glorious few minutes of watching them drink from puddles on the deck.

if only my computer and this blog could work in unison I would have photos to show. however, that is just not the case and I haven’t the mind to try and figure it out nor have I remembered to ask my computer person ( hubby) why?

I do realize that sometimes I use photos like words (which is not a bad thing) but maybe I need to use words like words. what am I trying to communicate and why? how can I do so in a kind and genuine way to boot?

delivery is everything.

speaking of…ms squirrel came down from the gate to get some of buried treasure (most likely) and scared the birds away.

again, delivery is everything and the messenger ( I doubt birds and squirrels are the best of friends) matters, too. sometimes, it feels like most of the world is speaking in coded riddled. I use to love doing so but now I just want simple words even if they are receptive and rustic in use.

right now, I can still hear the birds singing. I imagine they have found puddles elsewhere to support their thirst or they are telling other birds about a pushy squirrel a few houses down.

this is a rambling post written while I wait for the bus, I keep searching for the thread to tie it all together. maybe it’s just this…pay attention to what you see and how you tell about it. tell it from the heart. facts matter but heart more. that is enough.