creative practice / list

soft life

making fairy gardens watching the flowers sway in the wind morning outside on the deck with a cup of matcha putting up the tea shelves taking photos because it makes my heart sing messy desk in the corner near the window the feverfew has started to bloom the bees dancing in the lavender clover between my toes

creative practice / list


let us give thanks-spring is here. it has been all the things: fierce and softunder our noses in our eyes and blessing us.

creative practice / writing

hot nectar

Love is a mysterious thing 44 minutes and the soup is done Sunlight piercing red hibiscus juice Holding onto the rose bush with pierced Hands If only you  Could stop Listening at the door Of time and  Other people‚Äôs  Head Maybe you would be Still like this morning chickadees Again Dancing on the branches that belong to the Wind Knowing […]