open your hands to the water

if your heart is restless

awaiting water

maybe all you have you have to do

is step in

the river

and open your hands

i don’t really feel as optimistic as this. currently, going through photos…finds fragments ofmy friends, family and myself. seeing and feeling in words and pictures already written.

the sting of loss is hard and overreaching. dry and fertile with memories and dreams.

we can’t force our way through the water or the grief.

we know the water stands. it abides.

it waits for us. no matter how long it takes to get there.

even if just a toe…one day. not now. now is the time to be.

i have to put off the need to philosophize and feel.

feeling is human. feeling all the hurt. the ball of emotion in my chest where my heart is breaking.

you can’t be human and love and not end up on the floor in tears at some point. you can’t be human and not have one or many of the someones you loved ripped from this earth at some point.

i know she is at peace. surrender. carried in the hands of God. as she believed. she said so in her own words.

this is the only thing

that lets me know that the water is possible. again.






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