tiny happy


chunky goodness.

In this ensemble , I am using a sojourner a5 traveler and a Midori md cotton journal.

TBH, I always have several journals going but this is my journal journal. lots of photos of my family and thoughts about my life and this world we are living in.

I started making tabs. or rather scraps after falling down a youtube pothole. the people I watched were way neater but that’s not my style…messy mess fits me.

Anyways, , I am at the glorious hump in this journal which means that I will be done with it soon. it’s always sad to end a journal. my next one is a Midori sketchbook but if I don’t like it I might reorder the md cotton or this one( which was my first Midori journal). I really love the paper in these journals. you can buy it loose and make you own but that’s not my ministry.

btwn —these aren’t affiliate links…just notebook nerding out.

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