this afternoon, I was looking at some of my old journals. I think I was trying to understand my style journey. I still don’t understand that but I just want to keep creating things I like.

I have a small stack of journals that are just meh. they have no soul in them. it is hard to explain. it’s not about looks or technique…our pages give our hears away long after we have worked them.

as I was looking through my old journals, I started to remember what I loved about journaling and my style of journaling….that is is wholly me.

yes, I can learn from others, use bits and pieces from here and there but the way I do it speaks of my soul and journey. However , if I try to be something I am not then I get competent things with no soul.

I want and need that soul and quirk.

sometimes, I forget that when I want to fit in and be cool.

so I step back and reclaim my mind and heart and give them back to the ONE that matters.

I just want to create from that place of love and devotion…even through the hard things…that place is where my soul lives on.

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