Freedom feels/Mostly yellow

We can impose beauty on our future – Lorraine Hansberry *

I deleted some apps on my phone. Again. Nothing revolutionary but profound for my peace of mind. I also turned off my alarms.

You see, I had a lot and i do mean a lot of alarms set via my alarm clock and my phone. I didn’t realize how much all those little noises addded up an overwhelmed my nervous system. Personally, I always wake up before my alarms so i am not too worried.

also I love timers …if i really need to be somewhere or do something.

The other day, i gathered some spent flowers. I think they had been hanging around 3 plus weeks so u had got a lot of love out them.

Anyways, i did some faffing about on the deck with my kids. It’s felts so lovely and freeing. Our little garden is struggling. It’s so hot and sunny in our backyard and people forget to water some days but we have been enjoying the challenge and the green…in the meantime, i enjoy supermarket flowers.

My daughter tore my current bouquet to shreds. I can’t even get mad because she saw me doing it (to the old ones) and she love loved being creative and doing whatever her brother and i are doing.

it’s so sunny here. The birds are a singing loudly this morning. I saw a young robin the other day in the back garden. The trickle ms. Squirrel has been very busy running on the gates and getting into the neighbor’s trash. We wised up and put ours in the shed (to wait for trash day) don’t tell me. Squirrel.

This has been a strange season. Not only globally but personally. I have had to be super intentional about what energy i let in my soul and even more intentional about protecting my mind from other people’s energy agendas.

So many people say we are in a energy battle right now. It’s so easy to give into collective fear and despair…heck, i do that some days…there are a lot of gross and disgusting things happening in the world. That is a sad fact. And yet we have to feel those things (those ugly things…as well as the good things) but not let them consume us and take over futures.

It’s alchemy. The transforming.

Not spiritual bypassing.

being here. But also, knowing what’s up.

knowing that we are not completely powerless

that we are not waiting for permission

we already have the power.

we have to live in it.


the lead to gold.

in the places and spaces where we can.

we must…

alachemy. It’s A power.

It is a choice.

a freedom.

to create a “*future with the beauty we feel”

  • *these are lines from the Lorraine Hansberry meditation via the black feminist breathing chorus June . I will forever be grateful for these powerful mediations and blessings shared in this course. Soul food.

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