saying yes to what matters…


today is another rainy day. I am here writing on my actual computer because my tablet seems to have major limitations when it comes to the website. I am not complaining. just saying….I have not been willing to sit down and write here in a while but here I am.

looking out at the elm tree. watching the hazy stone blue sky and listening to sounds of my husband load the dishwasher.


where have I been?

swimming in life.

eating summer berries and peaches.

falling in love with oatmilk

learning to make gluten free waffles…that taste good.

cooking. lots. so much cooking.

sitting in the sun.


finding a sunscreen that actually is not laden with chemicals and does not leave a white film on my dark brown skin. which really deserves a separate post.

mositurizing my my scalp and skin.

buying plant starts (to kill…not initially but goodness this little piece of land is tricky)

finding my ancestors. knowing who I am . where I come from—the good, the bad, the ugly and the marvelous…it is truly life affirming.

music. so much music.

protecting my energy

drinking water. so necessary on so many levels.

hugging and laughing with my babies

kissing my person


petting the cat…sometimes against my will.


watching tree leaves dance.

sketching and journaling

cutting up paper.

wearing comfy clothes.


reconnecting with those I love.

feeling all the feels.

controlling my narrative (as best I can).

trying to stay close to what matters.


why am I telling you this…

I don’t know…maybe we need to know that the little things matter….micromovement matters…creating a beautiful world starts at the root. prune. fertilize. unlearn. research. do the heavy lifting. allow the softness to find you. tenderize your heart daily. build and cultivate what matters to your marrow. “*you can’t miss G—d”

keep your heart pure…

stay close to what matters.


*I heard this this on YouTube…not sure from who

2 thoughts on “saying yes to what matters…

  1. the littlest things are the Most of everything….powerful magic in the smallest of acts. #truestory.

    Your days have been filled with wonder…I’m so glad. xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Melanie…I meant to reply to your email…I went through a few cleaning jags that left me exhausted (in a good way). Finding the magic in The mundane is everything these days. Hope you are well.

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