daily creative practice and all that jazz

I’ve been doing icad for the last 29 days, that is not amazing or maybe it is the most amazing part for me is that I don’t actually like the things I have been creating….like not at all.

however, I find that my lack of attachment to what I am creating makes me enjoy my other creative pursuits more. it’s so strange and so good. releasing myself from daily producing the best art in America has made such space in my head and heart for creating art that I really enjoy.

My photography and portrait drawing has really exploded to my own surprise and I have even been able to do a bit of writing. none of this is spectacular but I am of the belief that spectacular is overrated. I rather have the practice, the routine, and the shaping of an artful life through intention. it’s really a mind set change ( and minds are subject to change again). let’s give thanks for what is and let’s see what happens.