Living the questions

so I have been navigating an obstacle course of my own creating and settling into my new work corner.

Slowly working but I want to go fast.

I want to create all the things and understand who and what I am doing but I feel like I am at the beginning of beginnings. I have all these skills and interests… and the blank substrate feels like it could become anything which is both liberating and scary.

I feel like a toddler in many ways…learning how to walk and use the edges of my body to communicate with my life and it feels good (but hard). I am becoming someone new in my same self and that is dance.

Who will I allow myself to become as I learn how to move in this new space of me? How is my art wanting to be birthed into this new world of me? Can I allow the slowness to be a balm and a healing force in creation? Can laboring- a work , a life , a story be a blessing…can I change my laboring story and allow myself to become more powerful in my heart and life?

So many questions to live.