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    wide-open hearts

    yesterday was one of those days, where i completely lost my sh*t for a few moments. oh, it was nothing huge but it was a mix of a pile of frustrations and sheer tiredness (a dangerous cocktail for me). it was one of those moments when i thought all my hard-won progress in a certain area was just evaporating and the situation felt so hopeless. i wanted to blame someone. anyone but me. so naturally, it blamed the people around. for the record, this does not make for a lovely or peaceful situation. not at all. somehow, we rode out of it. maybe it was just taking some space from…

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    the good work

    i finally figured out how to upload pictures onto my blog in a rationale manner. so, i am hoping that i can share more of my images here and even , ahem, make a better portfolio of my work. why am i writing about such mundane things when so much is going on here, there and everywhere? i dunno. why not? i guess i wonder if i am doing enough but i don’t know if my doing is the same doing that your doing is and that is okay. we are not a monolithic.  “we have so much “good” work to do,” erica says and it give me pause to…

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    creativity begets creativity

    late last year, when i got inspired to embark on my own self-paced artist residency in motherhood, i had no idea what i was going to do. i thought for sure that i would focus on writing. i love writing. i written a ridiculous amount of essays about how i love writing, how i need to write more and how i need to write better.  underneath all that angst was/is a woman wrestling with perfection and shame. i feel (and this is just my opinion) that for so long we have been sold the idea that our work has to have a monetary value to worthy of pursuit. i feel…

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    more than tolerance

    we don’t have to understand each other completely/ to know that each of us/ is worthy of protection/&  the rhythm of our own lives/ the dignity of our selves in color, in queer, in gender, in class, in body and mental abilities, in religion (or none), in water and sky… we all belong here. we always have. we always will.

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    reading: another brookyln

    recently, i picked up another brooklyn by jacqueline woodson. i had been meaning to read more of her work every since brown girl dreaming came on my radar. i don’t know what i expected from the book because i always think of her as a YA writer. i don’t mean that i mean that as a bad thing but (thematically) YA books tend to read a certain way across the board (and i like that about them) but sometimes i just can’t deal with the (all that teenage) angst. I do think this reads like a YA book (theme-wise) but I think that is the power and importance of this…

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    writing and healing

    writing these days seems challenging. the words are just not flowing but then i wonder when they last did. and if that even matters. sometimes, when i write i think i am suppose to have all the answers but i am slowly seeing that writing really just brings up more questions. one of the best things writing has given me is a little more self-awareness. this awareness has given the courage to try and meet myself as i am where i am but also gently (and slowly) align myself to something bigger than me. you see, i have been struggling (as usual) to understand what the purpose of my writing…

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    your courage

    your courage is pounding inside the fire/let it rise up and consume you/let it heal you/let it remake your edges wider and softer/ let it drop you beyond your own knowing/into the center of uncertainty and flames/your inner compass will roar with the added pressure/ the stillness will teach you/let it/ you are becoming more you with each breath/ you are holding the resistance upon your chest/but burning with life and grit/ I can feel the heat of your radiance/surrounding this world.