the good work

i finally figured out how to upload pictures onto my blog in a rationale manner. so, i am hoping that i can share more of my images here and even , ahem, make a better portfolio of my work. why am i writing about such mundane things when so much is going on here, there and everywhere? i dunno. why not? i guess i wonder if i am doing enough but i don’t know if my doing is the same doing that your doing is and that is okay. we are not a monolithic. 

“we have so much “good” work to do,” erica says and it give me pause to consider….because we do. me and you. them and us. everyone. we all got to do the hard and good stuff to make this world better. even if it falls apart. we need to remember that it has before. it will/may again. & still out of it all–the people rise.

i’ve had insomia for the past few day, okay weeks. the little baby (on the inside) is doing a parade or jumping jacks in the middle of the night. i’ve been getting up, writing, meditating, facing the news (in short spurts), trying to connect with people online and IRL more…showing up. we have such big things to do and it all starts at the micro level.

the good work doesn’t happen over night. it builds. it’s a life of choosing to care–for each other, ourselves and this earth we share.

let’s do.