i noticed that pre-child. i barely took any photos of anything but once i had the kiddo…snap snap snap. The snaps were not just of him either…the seem to be some sort of narrative about this little life, our common life and my individual inner and outer life.

at first i was not sure about printing so much of this journey. three years…almost four is not cheap but for me it was worth the cost. I could NOT print everything. so i just printed the human moments. the moments that feed the underbelly of this corner of dirt, we sit on.

i had forgotten how rich and varied my photography use to be. i had forgotten about the little moments that i use to catch. i had forgotten about how imperfect i use to allow myself to be and how what allowed me to become better.

i am not saying i don’t do this anymore. i just don’t do it as much. & i just have not felt particularly inspired, lately. i have wanted to post only the best (which is not bad, i like good photography) but it becomes stifling and paralyzing when i put such sharp parameters on myself.

i want to see these next few weeks and months as a sort of creative experiment. a return to simple photography–to simple capturing…to simple artistic joy.

this is not to imply that those things where not there before but it feels like somewhere along the way, i’ve picked up a lot of baggage alongside everything else. The baggage is heavy and too much weight. i want to let it go.

i can never be who i was because i am not who I was anymore. i am this me.

i feel that i am being called to constrict. to get smaller. so that i can expand deeper.

and i want to expand.


i am expanding.