scrap therapy

There has not been much painting except for that one sunny afternoon of watercoloring. Instead, i’ve fallen in love with my paper and my glue sticks. I can’t even say that I am saying much but just the act of creating feels good.

Suse Fish calls it scrap therapy and as soon as I heard this term earlier this year (or late last year) from Tiffany Julia ( via her newsletter) it was like a light came on in my heart. If you know anything about me and my art style you know I love photos, collage and mark making…so I totally love this term and what it means. I didn’t expect it to change my thought and work process as much as it has but it has.

This is binder is a mini binder that I got as part an online class ages ago. I just covered it with some fabric scraps that I had lying around. The inside is a mesh of papers from various magazines, collage papers, pictures, sticks, notes to myself, packaging, doodles (mine), drawings, old painting (mine)….all stitched together by the mighty the mighty glue stick of course.

what are you working on these days?

whatever it is, I hope it brings you peace.



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