Making art, again


Some of these were inspired by the “daily drawing challenge:31 art journal prompts with dawn deVries Sokol” on CreativebugMaterials- sketchbook used denik sketchbook, Holbein gouache, stabilio, sharpie, acrylic inks, American craft stickers, Carson mixed media paper.*Some images (that do not belong to be) are from mindful magazine, anthropology catalog, vogue magazine and Sabrina ward Harrison .

2 thoughts on “Making art, again

  1. Miss you lovely. Thank you for sharing yourself I’mGlad I found your blog. I love reading your authenticity in your poetic words. You make wonderful art. Keep being you. Love ya. -k

    1. Thank you so much. I was actually just saying b. That i owe you a letter. Hopefully, i can get my act together. I actually have something written somewhere and misplaced it. lol.

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