A digital & analog romance

Nope. Not the latest cyborg romance (is that even the correct word) ? Seriously it’s just me playing along with analog things (in my real life) and creating digital art. Tbh it’s actually not something I thought I would be interested in because I like paper. I really like paper.

However, it turns out I enjoy figuring out digital paper puzzles , too.

Maybe a part of me feels like I am recycling or actually using some of my thousands of photos for some thing beside storage (which is not a bad use). Or maybe I am reliving my yearbook glory days( I was the editor of my high school newspaper and yearbook). Their really is something about a photo and caption that makes my heart smile. Especially a good caption. I want to read long long captions full of all the words. A novel in a caption. Lol. I am kidding because I really like those graphics that tell you what the captions said, too. Oh the contradictions I love.

Anyways, I will enjoy it (digital glue booking ?) for as long as I enjoy it. That seems like a fair way of looking at it. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk on the subject.

The colors make me happy
Eye candy
There were so many paths to go with the different light sources in these photos
Feels like the soul of this particular day