bustle enough

bustling, is the word. the word I would use to describe this late summer, early fall season. a time of regaining, restoring and nurturing.

tBH, I love fall. I got married in the fall and had my first baby in the fall. enjoyed all three of my little as wee babes in early fall morning with a cup of something delish in my hands. the bustle stretches me in a good way ( and sometimes in a not good way, if I get caught up). I need the movement but not too much.

this month, I am getting back to a studio practice or maybe I am establishing an semi-structured one for the first time. I am realizing that the energy of creativity, my own, etc., is a profound type of medicine making for me.

the truth is many people are fraigle. our nervous system need cocooning and understanding structures –that we may never find anywhere but inside ourselves (and our home, if we are lucky) and still we must try to thrive.

I have been living into the answer of what does it take for my selves to thrive? there is an impossibility of articulating something so deep but so simple. maybe that is the task to speak less and live into it more.

we don’t have to have the words for our feelings but we can live inside the shapes. the bustle is shape and edge I can explore. what does it live like here in this moment? how can I embrace it and make it safe for me?

open ended messy questions and no quick-fix program that will sum it up…that is the hard part…the work of creating a world (inside of you) that is okay with your being.

in this season of bustle I am not hustling I am enough.

however I show up or not is enough.

may I live in that enoughness and offer myself strength and refuge in the now.