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more on peaches

I ate all the fancy vanilla peaches. not all at once. although, they were so good I could see that happening. I ate them slowly over a week, it was big but small jar. I loved them but the place I got them is 30 minutes to hour away. not awfully far but way too far for one jar of […]

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pleasure principle

sometimes, I catch myself being harsh and punishing to myself for the most mundane of things. you know, being human… a wonderfully imperfect and slow mess…glorious things, really. I am wondering how I can drop that story of the need to fix and punish and instead embrace the mess and nurture what matters–me, the human. I mean, this is the […]

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painting in my mind

there is a part of painting that always feels out of reach I think it’s my mind that sometimes gets attached to how I feel something should look. there is nothing wrong with that aiming for a particular look or feel in a painting is okay but when it comes at the expense of true expression it can feel limited. […]

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doing a thing

I completed the thrive together network artist residency( at home) this month. well, today. I am not surprised that I finished it but I am surprised, if that makes sense. my art practice has been all over the place for the past few years if I am honest. it has been anything but steady but that could be understood because […]

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Sometimes you just need to take your time to get quiet and look around. The bounty can be dazzling. The things we can receive with little effort—bird songs, herbs, flowers, big skies (sunny or moody). The small cup I planned to catch it all could never contain all there was to gather this today. I hope that feeling of being […]

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dance like one

are there times when you feel like the lines are too tightand you must swim back towards your own knowing?what does your body say as it sinks into the softness of Johnson grass and purple nettle?do you understand that even here there is a story under stories?the earth is not needing a hero, again.more like attentionand deep devotionsit a spell […]

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bustle enough

bustling, is the word. the word I would use to describe this late summer, early fall season. a time of regaining, restoring and nurturing. tBH, I love fall. I got married in the fall and had my first baby in the fall. enjoyed all three of my little as wee babes in early fall morning with a cup of something […]